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 Individual mink lashes are applied with FDA approved glue ensuring quality & safety.

 We apply an unlimited lash count during your scheduled appointment, guarented to leave your lashes full and volumious every time.

 Lash extensions make your eyes pop, allowing you to enjoy a low maintance make-up routine while still looking fabulous.

 Waterproof lash extensions last up to 4 weeks, perfect for Brides. Aviod runny mascara on your wedding day & honeymoon.


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Full Set
Unlimited Lash Count
Individual Applied Lashes
Refill - 3 Weeks
3+ Weeks is considered a new full set
Unlimited Lash Count
Individually Applied Lashes

Before and After


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Hi Beautiful,

Thanks for stopping by, I’m Dora! For the past few years I have had lash extensions applied and it has changed my life. Imagine waking up in the morning and just adding a touch of blush, lip gloss and vuala! Your look fresh, your eyes pop and your ready for the day! Well that is what I have experienced for the past few years and now I can share that with all of you. You see, I imagine a life for every women that is joyful and stress free, anything that makes me feel better and helps my day run smoother is a “must” have. Lash Extensions are a “MUST” have. And now its your turn to add that vavavoom to your beauty routine.

With Love,

Dora xoxo

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